Zetsuai 1989 Version 2
Zetsuai 1989 version 2




  1. ZETSUAI MEGA MIX ~Short Style~ (vocal) [4:20]
    -remix of track 6-
  2. Omen (BGM) [0:59]16kbps 11khz mono 57 sec.
  3. Scarlet Scar (vocal) [4:22]
    -1st song Koji sings in Zetsuai OVA-16kbps 11khz mono 1:41 min.
  4. Meet (BGM)[1:17]
  5. Scorch Hot Summer (BGM) [1:27]
  6. What Should I Do (vocal) [4:32]
    -song in OVA where you see Izumi listening to Koji's cd-
  7. "D" [1:58]
  8. The Birth of Darkness (BGM) [4:08]
  9. The Fragments of the Sun (BGM) [3:24]
  10. Blood (ED)-instru- [3:35]16kbps 11khz mono 1:37 min.
  11. BAD BLOOD (vocal) [3:58] -1st song in Cathexis-16kbps 11khz mono 1:53 min.
  12. SWEET SLAUGHTER (vocal) [4:24]
  13. Jesus christ love For you (vocal) [4:55]
    -2nd song in Cathexis-

Review: not from SM version

This cd should rather be labled the Zetsuai 1989 soundtrack. Out of all the cd's that were released under this name, this is the only one that has the BGM of the Zetsuai OVA, plus the 2 songs Koji performs on stage. This cd contains all the BGM that is heard in the OVA and with a few more songs added in to the cd. All fans should get this one for their collection.

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1992/Minami Ozaki/Victor/JVC
1993/Minami Ozaki/Toshiba EMI